Target groups

• Adult education and other professionals working actively with people with mental illness
• Adults who have experienced mental illness
• Politicians, decision-makers and public officers in the social, health and education sector; other EU-projects and networks; family members and relatives of adults with mental illness

Empad - Target groupsThe concept of community-based rehabilitation services is not yet familiar to staff working with mentally ill people. A commonly faced barrier to the development of community-based care systems is a shortage of suitably skilled staff. Potential staff who could use these methods is psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, job coaches, teachers, adult-education trainers, and education counselors from non-governmental organizations (NGO) and adult education institutes.

The second target group covers people with mental illness who will take part in the project activities as "experts by right of experience". They will take part in the development of EMPAD training sessions and also be part of the training teams. In addition, the wider audience of the service users will be informed about the project outcomes.

The third target group is the stakeholders: politicians, decision-makers, adult education providers, and other projects and networks that can support the development of the community-based services on local, national and international levels.


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