EMPAD project 2010-2012

A primary objective of the EMPAD project was to create a new training program for adult education staff and other professionals working with people with mental illness. The EMPAD training is intended to give an orientation to community-based rehabilitation (CBR) services and especially to the Clubhouse method which emphasizes the recovery orientation, learning opportunities and labour market integration of people with mental illness. The objective of the project was to pilot the new training program in the course of the project and to offer the final training course product to the European audience via the Comenius-Grundtvig Training Database. The objective was to publish course training materials and offer open web-based materials for distance learning. It was intended that adults who have experienced mental illness take part in the project development and implementation as "experts by experience".

The EMPAD project aimed to promote the quality of the community-based rehabilitation services by offering new types of training opportunities to professionals. A long-term goal of the project was to facilitate new CBR programs and training possibilities for adults with mental illness in regions where similar possibilities are not yet available. An increased number of CBR programs should open more opportunities for disadvantaged citizens to take part in lifelong learning and to be included in society.

Further objectives were to continue the dissemination and exploitation activities after the project phase by organizing new EMPAD training courses and making these available to the European audience via the Comenius-Grundtvig in-service database in 2013; to archive project results and materials on the project website; and to produce a documentary video about the EMPAD pilot training program.

See the EMPAD project final report from here.


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