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Successful EMPAD-course in Stockholm


EMPAD training group in Stockholm 2013The EMPAD-project itself, as described earlier, has ended, but lives on anyway in form of EMPAD-courses. An EMPAD-course is a one-week course where you learn “everything” worth knowing about the Clubhouse model, from guidelines, via history, theory, member stories, to practice every day work in the clubhouse. The courses are held in Stockholm, Helsinki, Munich and Amsterdam and they are approved EU-courses, where the participants can apply for fundings via the GRUNTVIG-fund.

A beautiful spring week in May we held such a course here in Fountain House, Stockholm. There were 10 participants, 3 from Finland, 4 from Holland and 3 from Germany. There were members, clubhouse staff and future colleagues. From the Stockholm clubhouse we were 2 staff and 3 members working full time with the course during the week, plus a lot of extra volunteers in the house of course.

We started off with a welcome dinner on Sunday evening, when we immediately got a good start getting to know each other. Then there was tough work Monday through Friday, with, as said, theory, guidelines, history, member stories, practical  work in in the clubhouse, and  of course, a lot of fruitful discussions.

We also had a social program with a party on Wednesday evening. Other nights members took the guests out to see the fun parts of Stockholm. The course ended friday afternoon with a lot of hugs and goodbyes where the participants got diplomas and T-shirts, but also an action plan to follow, including future help from us whenever needed. So that was a really successful week. Looking forward to hear from other arranging clubhouses!

Stockholm 22 maj 2013
Lasse Svedin Fountain House Stockholm

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The EMPAD project has come to a successful end


The EMPAD project officially ended on the 31st of October 2012.
The final report and results will be published on the project's renewed website in January 2013.
During the project (one of the main results of the project) an EMPAD training course was developed. The objective of the EMPAD training is to promote the professional skills of people working with people with mental health illnesses and to disseminate knowledge about community based rehabilitation and supported employment, education and social inclusion for people with mental health problems. The EMPAD training courses will continue to be organized even after the project has come to its end.

The main results of the EMPAD project

A new EMPAD training course has been developed for adult education staff and other professionals working with people with mental illnesses. Two courses were held in 2012, one in Stockholm and one in Helsinki. Both of them received positive feedback. In 2013 there will be three more courses held. An EMPAD learning file was assembled to support the teaching and learning during the courses process.

One of the main results for the EMPAD course was the publishing of the "Choices for recovery, Community-based rehabilitation and the clubhouse model as parts of mental health reform" report by Esko Hänninen, a senior mental health expert. To disseminate information about the Clubhouse model further, short summaries of the report in Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, German, Rumanian, Spanish, Italian and French were prepared and are now available.

A short video presenting the EMPAD training course in Munich and another short video of Lasse telling his story were filmed and shared. Seven national seminars and three sustainability workshops were held. The project's website and brochures were established to deliver up-to-date information. Several newsletters have been published about the progress of the project. The Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation - a learning resource book by ICCD was also published.

THL, the coordinator of the project, wants to acknowledge and thank all the partners for the good collaboration. We encourage everyone interested in the Clubhouse model to take part in the upcoming EMPAD training courses.

For more information on the results of the EMPAD project please contact Project Manager Ville Grönberg at ville.gronberg(at)

For more information on the upcoming courses please contact the following contact person of the Clubhouse in question:

• Munich: Vera Hahn at vera.hahn(at)
• Stockholm: Gunilla Byström at gunilla.bystrom(at)Fountain
• Amsterdam: Lina Berger at l.berger(at)

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Invitation to the final Conference of the EMPAD project


The Final conference of the EMPAD project will be held in Amsterdam 5th-6th September 2012. The EMPAD conference presents the final outcomes of the multilateral Grundtvig project EMPAD. Conference gives you an introduction to the Empowerment and Community Based Rehabilitation of people with mental health problems. It will present how the Clubhouse model promotes the social inclusion of people with mental health problems. Clubhouse members and staff will share their stories and experiences. The conference is targeted for adult education staff and other professionals working actively with people with mental health problems, politicians, policy makers, administration representatives, municipalities, mental health providers, users, user organizations, family members, European NGOs, Grundtvig offices, employer organizations, universities/research institutes, media, trade unions and political parties in Europe. Conference language is English. Final conference program will be published at the project website.

Conference is free of charge. Coffee, beverages and snacks is included in the program. Participants will cover their own travel, accommodation and lunch costs. Participants may apply for funding for travel and accommodation costs from the Grundtvig Visits and Exchange program. Deadline for applications is 1/5/2012. Visit your national Grundtvig Agency webpage for instructions:

Registration address for the Conference is: empad(at) Registration deadline is 15/7/2012. Download Conference invitation and preliminary program from here.

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National EMPAD project seminars in seven countries


The EMPAD project organizes national dissemination seminars in each project partner country during spring 2012. The objective of the seminars is to tell about the EMPAD project results and introduce the Clubhouse rehabilitation model. Seminar programs will be found from national seminars page: New seminar programs will be added soon.

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Next EMPAD training courses in Sweden and Finland


The next EMPAD training course - Introduction to the community based rehabilitation and the Clubhouse model for people with mental health problems - will be held in Stockholm 28/05/2012 - 01/06/2012. The host organization for this session is the Fountain House Stockholm. The second training session will be held in Helsinki at the Helsingin Klubitalo 01/10/2012 - 05/10/2012.

The EMPAD training course description is posted on the Comenius Grundtvig training database. The course Reference Number is FI-2012-107-002. Direct link to the course programme.

The EMPAD training courses are organized by the EMPAD project. The National Institute for health and welfare in Finland is the project coordinator and the official organizing institute of the courses. Registration for the training sessions should be addressed to the respective host organizations:

Session 1, Fountain House stockholm:
Session 2, Helsingin Klubitalot:

Participants may apply for funding towards their training fee and travel costs from their National Lifelong Learning agency. Click here for Instructions for searching and applying to training events and the National Agency selection timetable for 2011 for Comenius and Grundtvig.

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EMPAD project has started


Empowering Adults with Mental Illness for Learning and Social Inclusion (EMPAD) project has started. The objective of the project is to create a new training program for adult education staff and other professionals working with people with mental illness. The EMPAD training gives an orientation to community-based rehabilitation (CBR) services and especially to the Clubhouse method, which emphasizes the recovery orientation, learning opportunities and labour market integration of people with mental illnessl illness. Read more about the project in the EMPAD Newsletter 1/2011.


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